How can a Tax Lawyer help?

Settling IRS Tax Debt

Ways To Settle Your IRS Tax Debt

There are ways to settle your tax debt & stop worrying about it. An experienced tax attorney can negotiate your tax debt settlement & reach the best solution.
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State Tax Audit Trigger

Will A State Tax Audit Trigger A Federal Tax Audit?

Any tax audit can be stressful and handling two tax audits at once is even worse. Learn here if a state tax audit can trigger a federal tax audit.
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Understanding An IRS Letter Questioning A Deduction and What To Do If You Receive One

Understanding An IRS Letter Questioning A Deduction And What To Do If You Receive One

A letter from the IRS can be a major source of stress if you’re the one receiving it. Learn here what to do if the IRS questions a deduction.
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An IRS Lawyer helping begin the IRS Fresh Start Program

What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

If you’ve been trying to manage tax debt, whether it’s been one year or longer, you might not know there is a better way.
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A young business woman signing an Offer In Compromise

What is an Offer in Compromise?

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) allows you to settle your IRS tax debt for less than the amount you owe.
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A worried woman reviewing IRS letter

What To Do If You Receive An IRS Audit Letter

An IRS audit letter is not a big deal if you told the truth in your tax filings. But it is imperative that you open and respond to your audit tax letter.
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What Our Clients Say

Ms. Young

More than just an attorney

Ms. Sammy Kim isn't just any attorney; she's an individual person who actually cares about making a difference in the lives of everyday people like me. She's direct, honest, and respectable. I am 82 years old and got quite sick during the pandemic, but my only son who has been living overseas could not come to visit me due to his back tax problems with the IRS. His passport could not be renewed because of the IRS tax issues.

Ms. Sammy Kim went over and beyond in arranging the necessary paperwork from overseas, continued to fight for my son before the IRS, and resolved his tax issues in a very efficient manner so my son could renew his passport to come to visit me in the States! I was so happy to hold my son in my arms after a decade.


A good lawyer that takes time to listen

For me, consulting with a lawyer, especially a tax lawyer, was the most hated thing in life. Today's consultation with Attorney Sammy Kim was very clear. She felt the seriousness of listening to my problems. Sammy Kim is a very good lawyer who takes precious time and listens to my problems and listens to the situation of the unfair person.

For me, consulting with a lawyer, especially a tax lawyer, was the most hated thing in life. It's because it's really embarrassing and apologetic to make excuses for all sorts of reasons. Of course, today's consultation with Attorney Sammy Kim was very clear. Importantly, Attorney Sammy Kim felt that she was serious about listening to my problems.

Ms. Chung

Superb Tax Lawyer who deserves more than 5 stars

Our small business failed hard during the COVID-19 era. I can’t begin to tell you how much it has meant to me and my husband to have someone of Sammy Kim’s caliber in our corner. She has been my guiding light during one of the darkest periods in my life and I will always be thankful that I found her. She is a bright and experienced lawyer who is also caring and supportive.

When the IRS throws a curveball at us by rejecting our offer in compromise, Sammy stepped up and argued for an uncollectible status for me and my husband. We were able to save my home and we feel we can breathe now from the IRS collection action. If you are losing sleep over tax issues, go see Sammy.