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Get Help With Your State Tax Audit From A Skilled Tax Lawyer

Get Help With Your State Tax Audit From A Skilled Tax Lawyer

If You Have To Deal With A State Tax Audit, A State Tax Lawyer Is Here To Represent You and Make It Easier

You didn’t pay your taxes and notices have been piling up. Perhaps you didn’t even realize that the state taxing authority conducts audits, much like the IRS.

But you don’t have to hide and panic.

Sitting and worrying that the authorities will take your house or your business will not help.

Contact Attorney Sammy Kim now.

She has successfully represented many clients in state tax audits in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and many other states. She can help you with your state tax audit right away.

Your State Tax Audit Lawyer Near Me

An experienced state tax audit attorney will review any letters or notices you have received from your state tax department.

Your tax attorney will evaluate the state tax auditor’s goals and the strengths and weaknesses of their case against you.

Attorney Sammy Kim knows which expense deductions are likely to trigger a state tax audit.

She knows the ins and outs of the case law and state tax code to support you, represent you in front of the state tax department, and help resolve your case.

What Is A State Tax Audit Exactly?

When the state taxing authority sends you a state tax audit letter, it is asking you to verify certain information on your state tax return, including your income and tax deductions.

Typically, a state tax audit will either be in the form of a correspondence audit, which is conducted by mail, or a field audit, which requires an in-person examination of your tax returns and records.

In the best scenario, resolving a tax audit could mean submitting the answer to a minor question about a deduction.

If you have clear documentation for everything on your state tax return, the process can go rather smoothly.

However, a state tax audit can also be much more complicated – especially if you lied on your tax return – and can lead to a long, drawn-out process to resolve the situation.

Either way, an audit can cost you in the form of fines, penalties, and interest on back taxes you might owe.

Also, deadlines are critical in the tax audit process.

Different states have different deadlines for responding to a tax audit letter. Be sure to read the letter carefully and do not miss the deadline for replying.

A qualified tax attorney can write your letter back to the state and ensure that you meet all deadlines and follow all of your state’s rules.

What Could Trigger A State Tax Audit?

There is no hard and fast list of state tax audit triggers.

But the state tax department is likely to look for certain red flags for individual taxpayers and businesses.

Experienced tax attorneys have found that these are some of the common reasons you might be audited by your state taxing authority:

  • Back taxes owed
  • Unreported or very high income
  • Tax return errors
  • Paying business payroll in cash
  • Higher than average deductions compared to your income
  • Late or missed tax filings
  • Operating a sole proprietorship
  • Operating your business in more than one state
  • Working in a different state than the one you live in
  • Claiming 100% business use for your car
  • Claiming a home office deduction

It is very important to know that most people who are flagged for a state tax audit have an IRS tax problem as well. In fact, an IRS audit itself can trigger a state tax audit.

Be aware that you must respond to the state and the IRS separately and follow all rules and procedures for each.

What Can A State Tax Audit Attorney Near Me Do To Resolve My State Tax Audit?

 An experienced tax lawyer can represent you in your state tax audit and help find the right solution to your state tax problems.

Here are some examples of the possible resolutions:

  • A tax lawyer can respond to your state tax audit letter on your behalf and help ensure that you meet all requirements and put your best foot forward to resolve the problem.
  • During the audit process, your tax lawyer might be able to dispute mistakes the state may have made in assessing penalties or additional taxes against you.
  • If your audit results in back taxes that you cannot afford to pay within the statute of limitation, your attorney might be able to make the case that you should pay back fewer state taxes than you owe, known as an Offer in Compromise.
  • If you can’t afford to pay the full amount of state taxes due at one time, your state tax audit lawyer can negotiate an installment agreement, which allows you to pay the money back over time.
  • If you run a business, your state tax lawyer can also help you resolve payroll tax issues or business Sales & Use tax issues that might be part of your audit.

What Clients Say About State Tax Audit Attorney Sammy Kim

Here are some comments from clients who have worked with Attorney Sammy Kim:

  • “Ms. Sammy Kim isn’t just any attorney; she’s an individual person who actually cares about making a difference in the lives of everyday people like me. She’s direct, honest, and respectable.”
  • “For me, consulting with a lawyer, especially a tax lawyer, was the most hated thing in life. Today’s consultation with Attorney Sammy Kim was very clear. She felt the seriousness of listening to my problems. Sammy Kim is a very good lawyer who takes precious time and listens to my problems and listens to the situation of the unfair person.” [Original Korean texts were translated by Google]
  • “Our small business failed hard during the COVID-19 era. I can’t begin to tell you how much it has meant to me and my husband to have someone of Sammy Kim’s caliber in our corner. She has been my guiding light during one of the darkest periods in my life and I will always be thankful that I found her. She is a bright and experienced lawyer who is also caring and supportive.”

Get State Tax Help Now

The bottom line is that your state tax audit lawyer can help you avoid missed chances to exercise your rights in a state tax audit, including appeals.

Speak to a state tax lawyer now.

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