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How A State Tax Lawyer Can Help Solve Your State Tax Problem

How A State Tax Lawyer Can Help Solve Your State Tax Problem

If you have a state tax problem, a state tax attorney can help you solve it — and that solution could mean you will pay less than what you owe.

Has the state taxing authority been sending you notices in the mail trying to collect back taxes? Are you feeling surprised, confused or even embarrassed?

Many taxpayers only fear the IRS tracking them down with audit notices and sending bills for unpaid taxes. But the state department of revenue does the exact same thing — as least as often as the IRS.

It can also be harder to negotiate with the state taxing authority, especially if you don’t have an experienced state tax lawyer to help you.

If the Virginia Department of Taxation or another state taxing authority is knocking on your door, contact state tax Attorney Sammy Kim now.

A state tax lawyer helps taxpayers solve state tax problems every day. They have deep knowledge of the detailed laws and rules in your state and know how to work with state revenue officers to help taxpayers get out of state tax trouble.

In some cases, a state tax attorney can help you settle your state tax debt for even less than the amount you owe.

Attorney Sammy Kim has represented many clients with all sorts of state tax issues in:

State Tax Laws Vary In Different States — An Experienced State Tax Attorney Understands the Rules

It is important to know that state tax regulations and procedures vary from one state to another.

An experienced state tax lawyer has the expertise needed to understand the nuances of your state tax matter and work with you to find the right solution for you.

Successfully resolving your state tax problem requires a tax attorney with attention to detail — one who will make sure that your required responses to the state taxing authority include accurate and complete documentation.

A qualified state tax lawyer ensures that their clients meet all state-imposed deadlines for responding to tax notices and audits, and for preserving your right to an appeal.

What Does A State Tax Attorney Do To Solve Clients’ Tax Problems?

Here are some ways a state tax lawyer can help you solve your tax problem:

Reduce Or Remove Your State Tax Debt: A state tax lawyer can negotiate with the state taxing authority to potentially settle your back taxes for less than what you owe through an Office in Compromise (OIC). The process of getting an approved OIC takes time and effort and varies by state.

Remove Your Tax Debt Completely: In some cases, your tax lawyer can work to have your old state tax debt classified as uncollectible, particularly if you are dealing with financial hardship that has developed in the time since the debt was incurred. She can also calculate and monitor the remaining collection statute for your advantage.

Arrange An Installment Agreement Or Payment Plan: When full payment of state taxes is not feasible for you, a state tax lawyer can negotiate an installment agreement to allow you to pay it back over time. It is often much easier to arrange a payment plan with the state when you have an experienced state tax attorney representing you.

Release Or Discharge A Tax Lien: If the state has imposed a lien on an asset, such as your home or your car, the lawyer can work to remove or change the priority of the lien to allow you to sell your property.

Relieve Tax Penalties: A state tax attorney can review and potentially reduce or eliminate state tax penalties assessed against you for late payments.

Release A Wage Levy: If the state is taking funds out of your paycheck to pay back your back taxes — known as a wage levy — an experienced state tax lawyer can work to modify the percentage of the wage levy.

Release A Business Bank Levy: For business owners facing a bank levy that has frozen their business bank account and brought everything to a halt, a state tax attorney can negotiate with the state to lift the levy and make it possible to restore business operations.

Respond To An Inaccurate Letter From The State: If the state sent you a letter proposing changes to your tax return and asked you to pay more taxes, a skilled state tax lawyer can respond on your behalf and dispute the change.

Represent A Taxpayer In An Audit: Finding a well reviewed state tax attorney is especially important in a state tax audit that is complicated or involves an accusation of tax fraud. With skilled representation in a state tax audit, you could end up paying less to the state or work out a reasonable payment plan.

Resolve Business Sales Tax Issues: A state tax attorney can help retail businesses that are struggling to catch up with unpaid sales taxes and missing filing compliance to get back on track. Unpaid sales taxes can be converted to personal tax liabilities of the responsible person.

Resolve Payroll Tax Issues: A state tax attorney can help business owners solve payroll tax problems if they have failed to make their employees tax deposits in timely manner. Unpaid payroll tax issues can be converted to personal tax liabilities of the responsible person.

File Outstanding or Amended Tax Returns: You can hire a state tax attorney to help you file overdue state tax returns, with an eye toward minimizing interest and penalties.

Reinstate Your Driver’s License: If your driver’s license or registration was suspended due to unpaid taxes, a state tax attorney can help you get it reinstated.

Reinstate Your Professional/Business License: If your failure to pay taxes led to your business or professional license being suspended, an experienced state tax lawyer can negotiate a repayment plan for you and help you get your license back.

With so many different solutions available, Attorney Sammy Kim is here to help you solve your state tax problem for good.

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