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IRS Problems

The IRS is on your tail with letter after letter arriving in the mail. You’re stressed out, panicking that the feds are going to take away everything you’ve worked for. Don’t go it alone.

Attorney Sammy Kim stops the IRS from bothering you – and from taking your assets. Reach out now for a consultation.

I know how unsettling it can be to receive a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You might be feeling anxious, afraid, confused, and frustrated. Maybe you’re embarrassed to tell your family or nervous your boss will find out you didn’t pay your federal taxes. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll lose everything you’ve built. Worrying about your IRS tax problems might be keeping you up at night.

If any of this describes your situation, I am here to tell you something very important:

Every tax problem has a solution. I can help you solve your IRS tax problem now.

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Three Steps To Solving Your Tax Problem

I will negotiate to obtain the best results and solve your tax problem. For good.


Diagnose Your Case

I will review your letters, past tax returns, and IRS transcripts to identify any immediate issues and missing returns. I will also determine how much time is left for the IRS to collect any money owed from you.


Analyze Your Options

Once the required compliance is met, I will evaluate your current financial situation and your specific circumstances. That way, I can help you reach the best resolution customized for you.


Resolve Your Tax Problem

I will make a proposal to resolve your tax issues or settle tax debt, often for less money than you owe. This may require frequent communications with an appeals process or filing a petition to the U.S. Tax Court.

What Our Clients Say

Ms. Young

More than just an attorney

Ms. Sammy Kim isn't just any attorney; she's an individual person who actually cares about making a difference in the lives of everyday people like me. She's direct, honest, and respectable. I am 82 years old and got quite sick during the pandemic, but my only son who has been living overseas could not come to visit me due to his back tax problems with the IRS. His passport could not be renewed because of the IRS tax issues.

Ms. Sammy Kim went over and beyond in arranging the necessary paperwork from overseas, continued to fight for my son before the IRS, and resolved his tax issues in a very efficient manner so my son could renew his passport to come to visit me in the States! I was so happy to hold my son in my arms after a decade.


A good lawyer that takes time to listen

For me, consulting with a lawyer, especially a tax lawyer, was the most hated thing in life. Today's consultation with Attorney Sammy Kim was very clear. She felt the seriousness of listening to my problems. Sammy Kim is a very good lawyer who takes precious time and listens to my problems and listens to the situation of the unfair person.

For me, consulting with a lawyer, especially a tax lawyer, was the most hated thing in life. It's because it's really embarrassing and apologetic to make excuses for all sorts of reasons. Of course, today's consultation with Attorney Sammy Kim was very clear. Importantly, Attorney Sammy Kim felt that she was serious about listening to my problems.

Ms. Chung

Superb Tax Lawyer who deserves more than 5 stars

Our small business failed hard during the COVID-19 era. I can’t begin to tell you how much it has meant to me and my husband to have someone of Sammy Kim’s caliber in our corner. She has been my guiding light during one of the darkest periods in my life and I will always be thankful that I found her. She is a bright and experienced lawyer who is also caring and supportive.

When the IRS throws a curveball at us by rejecting our offer in compromise, Sammy stepped up and argued for an uncollectible status for me and my husband. We were able to save my home and we feel we can breathe now from the IRS collection action. If you are losing sleep over tax issues, go see Sammy.

Sammy Kim Answers Your Questions

About IRS Tax Problems

There are several reasons why the IRS might send you a letter or notice. Some are simple, such as verifying your identity. Other IRS letters might be sent to inform you that you are due a bigger or smaller refund or to let you know that you have an unpaid balance on your federal taxes.

Still, other IRS notices and letters might be a much bigger cause for concern. Here are some examples of actions the IRS can take against a taxpayer:

Wage/income levy: A wage/income levy is when the IRS legally seizes your wages or income to pay for your tax debt. It can garnish or take your wages, requiring your employer to remit a certain portion of your bi-weekly pay directly to the IRS. While the law prohibits employers from terminating employees due to the cumbersome process, it can certainly hurt your reputation at work. A wage garnishment will remain in place until the tax debt is paid, or the IRS agrees on certain collection alternatives you proposed. Attorney Sammy Kim has successfully lifted the wage levy for many taxpayers based on economic hardship arguments.

Bank levy of your business bank account: The IRS can also issue a bank levy of your business bank account. That typically happens after they have sent you a series of letters and you haven’t responded or resolved the issue. This is a Revenue Officer’s powerful tool to get your attention on the tax issues. A bank levy on your business bank account is especially painful because your bank, upon receiving a notice of the levy, may freeze your business account(s), withdraw up to the amount that has been levied by the IRS, and plan to send it to the IRS to satisfy your tax debt.

The bank is required to hold the funds for 21 days before sending the money to the IRS, to give you time to resolve the issue first. A business bank account levy may only be done if you haven’t paid your business taxes. The IRS is not legally allowed to levy your business account to pay for your personal taxes. Unlike a wage garnishment, a bank levy is not a continuous one. But the IRS may search for other bank accounts for levy purposes.

Seizing your assets: The IRS might send you a Notice of Federal Tax Lien placed on your assets, such as your house or car. A lien means the federal government has made a legal claim against your property to ensure that you pay your tax debt. A Notice of Federal Tax Lien is a public document that lets other creditors know that the IRS has issued a secured claim against your assets. You may start to receive advertisement materials from various tax resolution firms. Attorney Sammy Kim can advise you whether filing an appeal on each levy or lien action is critical or a waste of time.

The bottom line is if you have received a notice or letter from the IRS, it is important that you find out what your rights are and the best options in your specific situation. Contact The Law Offices of Sammy Kim now to get help with your IRS tax problem — before you miss any important deadlines.

Solve Your IRS Tax Problem Now

Typically, you receive an IRS audit letter when the government wants you to clarify or verify information on your tax return, such as unreported income, filing status, deductions, expenses, etc. An audit can be simple, especially if you were honest in your filing. However, if your tax return didn’t tell the whole truth, you could be in trouble and need a tax attorney to represent you.

First, your response time matters. You must respond to an IRS audit letter by phone or with a response letter within 30 days to avoid penalties. Then, gather all documents that prove the answers to the questions asked by the IRS. A skilled tax attorney can help you write the required letter back to the IRS, in the exact way it is required to be written.

I have met many people who hope that they can avoid responding to their IRS letters and notices by hiding them in a folder or drawer. They hope their IRS tax problems will magically disappear. But I hope you will listen to me when I tell you that your IRS problems will not go away if you ignore them.

You might have a whole pile of IRS letters – or maybe you have received only one notice and you’re trying to forget about it, or you have moved around. Either way, if you do not respond to the IRS, the problem will just get worse. The IRS has the authority to take your house, your car, your personal bank account, your business bank account, and your retirement account. They can and will send more letters and issue more penalties against you if you don’t deal with the problem now. Remember, once the IRS sends you the notice to the mailing address on your last filed tax return, the letter is deemed to have been received.

If you contact me, I can help you resolve your IRS tax problem for good.

It’s easy to assume that your CPA or accountant can handle any collection action or other problem that arises related to your taxes. However, there are many situations in which you need a tax attorney with expertise in preparing letters and navigating your appeal rights, all with the goal of reducing the amount of back taxes you owe. A knowledgeable and experienced tax attorney negotiates with the IRS, understands the rules of dealing with the IRS, and knows how to maneuver through complicated administrative channels to advocate for the best possible outcome for you.

Here are some of the many ways an IRS tax lawyer can help you solve your IRS tax problem.

Negotiate An Offer In Compromise: An offer in compromise allows you to settle your back taxes for less than what you actually owe. A tax lawyer can help you come up with a reasonable offer based on your circumstances and negotiate the terms of the offer with the IRS.

Installment Agreements: If you can’t pay your entire tax balance in one lump sum, a tax attorney can help you develop a reasonable installment plan and present your case to the IRS to reach an agreement.

Eliminate Your Tax Debt: You used to make a lot of money and incurred a lot of tax debt. But since then, your situation has changed, and you cannot afford to pay. I can help you settle, often for less than what you owe and sometimes have your debt classified as uncollectible.

Release A Wage Levy: A wage levy – also known as wage garnishment – means that the IRS takes money out of your ongoing paycheck to pay for your tax debt. When the IRS threatens a wage levy, a tax lawyer can help stop the levy and find a better course of action. The same approach applies to a levy on your Social Security benefits.

Release A Business Bank Levy: For a business owner, a business bank levy means that the IRS sends a notice to your bank to freeze your account. If that happened to you, I can come to an agreement with the IRS so you can resume your business operations without the fear of being levied again.

Release Or Discharge A Tax Lien: When the IRS has placed a tax lien on your house and the buyer may back out, I can show you how to sell your property by having the IRS discharge or subordinate their lien priority and maximize your cash out from the closing.

Relieve Your Penalties: When you feel overwhelmed by the constantly increasing penalties for delayed payment of your taxes, a tax attorney can help figure out whether you qualify for penalty relief.

Represent You In An Audit: If you received an audit letter from the IRS, a tax lawyer has the experience to represent you and advocate for your interests. It is important to have the support of a tax lawyer if your case is complex or involves tax fraud.

Respond To An IRS Letter And Fix Errors: When the IRS proposes changes to your returns and demands that you pay more taxes due to the changes, I can review the letter— known as a CP2000 notice — and dispute it when the government is incorrect about the changes.

Resolve Passport Issues Resulting From Tax Debt: If you have delinquent tax debt, the IRS is legally allowed to certify that debt to the State Department to act on it. When that happens, your passport application may be denied, or your passport can be revoked. An experienced tax lawyer can help you resolve the issue even if your travel plans are right around the corner.

Resolve Payroll Tax Issues: If you have payroll tax issues with the IRS, you could be subject to a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty investigation by the IRS. That involves a Trust Fund 4180 interview with a Revenue Officer. I can represent you and help you arrange an installment agreement and avoid unnecessary penalties.

File Any Outstanding Or Amended Tax Returns: As your tax lawyer, I can help you file any outstanding tax returns filed and work to keep your interest fees and penalties to a minimum.

Handle Unreported FBAR/FATCA Issues: I have many immigrant clients from all over the world and have a unique expertise in international tax issues. I have handled full-blown IRS audits borne out of the FBAR/FATCA reporting requirements involving foreign financial assets and accounts, and successfully reduced the penalties the IRS initially imposed against my clients.

Talk To A Tax Lawyer Now

No. After you hire me, I will handle all communication with the IRS on your behalf. The IRS will consider you a represented party and will no longer reach out to you directly. I will work hard to resolve your IRS tax problem and lessen your burden by handling all IRS communication and protecting your rights and assets so you can live your life and do what you do best.

In some cases, a skilled tax attorney can resolve your tax issue in only one day, a few days, or a couple of weeks. Reaching a solution to an IRS tax problem can be quick if it’s as simple as replying to an inaccurate letter from the IRS. When your liability to the IRS is more complicated, it can take a few months to a couple of years to resolve.

Tax law is very complicated and involves a lot of intricate details. I understand the nuances involved in working with the IRS to solve your tax problem. I know how to frame your case to obtain the best resolution of your IRS tax problem. I am attentive to detail and will make sure all documents are filed and that you meet all of your deadlines.

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If you have an IRS tax problem, let’s discuss all of your options for solving it.

There are many options for solving a federal tax problem, and I might be able to help you resolve your tax issue for less money than you owe. You might also have a right to an appeal -- if you call me before the deadline.

My entire law practice is dedicated to helping taxpayers with tax issues and ensuring that the IRS doesn’t knock on your door any longer.

Put your mind at ease and get back to enjoying your life and work. Schedule a consultation with me now. I’m here to solve your IRS tax problems.